TikTok’s commitment to small to medium size businesses enables entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to use the magic of TikTok to reach new audiences and expand their business. The goal is to empower more entrepreneurs to use TikTok as a platform to find their authentic voices. TikTok wants to give every business owner the opportunity to help them turn their dreams into a reality.


Are you ready to Kick Start your TikTok Journey?
Check out our TikTok for Business Masterclass Agenda

Session 1: The TikTok Opportunity – covering topics including;

  • Why TikTok
  • Myth busters
  • An introduction to the TikTok For Business platform and advertising solutions
  • Businesses that are doing brilliantly on TikTok—and what you can learn from them 

Session 2: Great British Entrepreneur Awards Alumni

Lessons from GBEA members on their experience with TikTok. Learn from their experiences of success along with lessons learned along the way. We will be joined by a number of founders who have had huge success through TikTok – keep your eyes peeled for announcements on what big names will be joining us. 

Session 3: Kick start your TikTok journey – the session will include

  • Creative lessons from best in class: Only Curls
  • Client Services Expert Session: Registration Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Steps for success for any business with a high value sales rep

If you have watched all three webinars and are ready to get started you can join our 14 day Ignite Programme with a TikTok expert!

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Featured GBEA Member Case Study of the Month: COMING SOON

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Upcoming Events


Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Come find us on November 21st. We will have exclusive TikTok giveaways for some lucky winners!


New Year New Advertising Channel: Kick off the new year with a new GBEA TikTok Educational series

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Exclusive Workshop series for GBEA members at TikTok’s Kaeledescope Offices In London! Details coming soon.