Scence Natural Skincare


Scence Natural Skincare was founded in June 2018 by Krista Taylor who was then joined by her sister, Mel Stiles in Spring 2019. The sisters trained together in anatomy & physiology, aromatherapy and massage and Scence was born after five years of research and development.

Scence Natural Skincare is for people who care about what they put on their skin as well as how we impact our world. The range is vegan, with all natural, mainly organic ingredients and packaged in 100% paper. That’s zero plastic!

During the development of the products the sisters were frustrated by the packaging options available as most were single use plastic. Krista is an ex designer and set out to find a way of producing oil based products in compostable packaging. After several years working with a UK packaging company the unique paper Scence tubes and jars were developed.

Scence products are handmade by the sisters and their family in their solar powered factory in Falmouth, Cornwall and since launching the company has gone from strength to strength. The products are available throughout the UK in outlets from small zero-waste stores through to larger health and natural stores such as Holland and Barrett. There is also growing interest from overseas and the sisters are working with distributors from Scandanavia to South Korea.

There is a growing market in natural skincare options and more demand for guilt-free, ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products but the main reason that Scence products are gaining a strong following is because the formulas are truly effective. For instance, the natural deodorant will keep you fresh all day long and this combined with the best quality and affordability keeps customers faithful.

The sisters work continues as they expand their current range with Mel focusing on laboratory production and new formulations and Krista on developing finishing techniques to improve efficiency. There are challenges ahead and the sisters relish and embrace pushing the boundaries. The cosmetics industry has traditionally been wasteful in packaging and Scence is leading the way in bringing an alternative way to make your skincare regime natural and plastic free.

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