comparethemarket for cybersecurity – in an hour for free a small & medium business can find & buy the right cybersecurity. Whether they’re technical or not, they fill out a simple questionnaire & we show them 6 bundles of technology, people & processes’ solution, which they can then personalise using sliders & filters (like on Skyscanner/Kayak). Before 1-click buying, even able to spread out their payments. Subscribe for continuous access to your risk profile/comparison tool, orders, breaking news etc Partners/children, if you’d like your other half or parent to not be distracted by cyber-attacks at the Christmas dinner table, then use the code below to get them a free 3 months subscription after their first order! Forget the money you’re saving them, download and print your loved one’s “Golden Ticket” HERE & pop it in their stocking & spread the cyber-love to all your friends & family. May the ProtectBox be with you!

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