Mindful Bites



Mindful Bites, innovative brand of premium gourmet vegan foods, made with sustainably sourced ingredients.

The Veganettone is created with the same passion as the panettone, following the same Italian artisanal traditions, passed down from 3 generations. Just like the first panettone made in Milan 100 years ago, this is hand-made using secular sourdough starter and dough risen 4 times over 72 hours.

Mindful Bites added to the recipe their love for a better planet. Thanks to their award-winning Maestro, their vegan bakery uses only sustainably-sourced ingredients. No nasties for us, no nasties for the planet. That’s the secret of Mindful Bites’ Veganettone, with its deceptively light texture, silky crumb and signature rich flavour.

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