Matugga Distillers



Our multi-award-winning range of golden and spiced rums are carefully handcrafted from scratch at our distillery in Livingston, through small-batch copper pot distillation. Enjoy Matugga Rum during the festive season – either neat, on ice or as the base for an outstanding cocktail.

The Matugga Rum range currently consists of:

Matugga Golden Rum: With an intriguing smoky character that is full of evocative, juicy tropical fruit notes.
Matugga Spiced Rum: Subtly infused with an age-old tantalising Masala Chai blend of black tea, fresh ginger and fragrant natural spices.
Matugga Rum Mavuno 2018: An acacia-cask limited edition rum that’s full of rich, intense flavours of apple, dried fruit, aniseed and honeyed acacias.


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