Epiony Ltd



Feel good therapies for both people and their animals. Our products also provide drug free pain relief for sore/aching muscles and joints.

The Heat Pad- The Heat Pad is light weight, super soft to touch, portable and can be put anywhere on the body. Either to just warm up or aid stiff muscles/joints (especially bad backs and arthritic joints such as the knees and shoulders)

The Thermal Wand- The temperature controlled metal fingers (36°c-53°c) enable you to massage specific muscles, especially good to use around the neck area, shoulders, and the lower back to relieve tension.

The Massage Mitt- It relaxes tight and tense muscles, increases blood circulation and reduces stress. Easy to use and durably designed from a robust polymer and nine 360 degree rotating steel balls.

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*The Heat Pad and Thermal Wand Only


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