Brand Ami Ltd



Brand Ami Ltd, which owns and operates the brand My Little Explorer® (MLE), has created a unique solution that takes into consideration the emotional bond between a parent and a child; and the opportunities to go beyond solving the problem, to create a parental tool that uses storytelling to introduce the child to the concept that separation can occur.

Started by Ami Davies, when she lost sight of her daughter, Brand Ami Ltd is committed to developing a suite of child safety solutions that give peace of mind to modern day parents, juggling parenting with busy lives in busy places.

My Little Explorer®

Anyone with a child will understand the stress and anxiety experienced when they become separated from their child in a public place and the trauma a child experiences when they become ‘lost’. My Little Explorer® solves this problem.

My Little Explorer® (MLE) is Europe’s first wander alert that blends technology and education to offer peace of mind to parents and teach them child to stay close.

It is a 3 piece solution consisting of wristband (wearable tech) that links to a smartphone app using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology. The app contains a simple slider that allows parents to set a distance within which they feel their child is safe. When the child wanders beyond this distance the parent is alerted via the app giving them awareness and time to react before their child becomes lost. A storybook engages the child, teaching them that separation can occur without using threatening or scary tactics and incentivises them to wear the band when it’s gifted by a character in the book.


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