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Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story. To be the central character on an exciting adventure or mysterious quest. No one more so than children, who love to be integrated into stories and made to feel part of something special. It’s this insight that has led to increasing popularity of personalised, one-off books where children’s names can be incorporated into specific stories. But what if these books didn’t have to be one off’s? What if parents could choose from a wide variety of books that already included their child’s name?

This is the simple but brilliant premise of newly launched online bookstore, Books About Who, which helps parents find existing storybooks that feature their child’s name as a key or leading character. Founded on World Book Day 2019, Books About Who allows users to simply type a child’s name into the website landing page to discover a range of stories featuring characters of that name.

Their character could be a mouse, a pirate, a shopkeeper or a best friend, but there’s no doubt they will be involved in an adventure of some kind!
Unlike ordering a personalised book, Books About Who has a wide variety of books for different ages and tastes and features many well-known and popular authors. Depending on how common the child’s name is, a single search can produce over 30 books featuring one child’s name. The searches also reveal other character names, so it’s easy to find books that may have more than one child’s name included. Founder and GBEA Entrepreneurial Spirit Finalist Cheryl Chan continues to add new books with new names, even those with unique names will be able to enjoy Books About Who.

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