The basics of CRM for every small business

In this session, you will get to grips with the basics of customer relationship management and the value of having systems in place. You will learn the simple strategies to put in place and the practical steps needed to implement a CRM system.

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The Salesforce Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding the Right CRM

By using the right CRM system for your business to interact with your prospects and customers, you can boost your sales and accelerate your growth.

However, how do you choose the right CRM?

The Benefits of CRM for Startups

Customer relationship management (CRM) can often be the secret sauce that transforms a startup into a strong, vibrant and rapidly growing one. That may come as a surprise if you thought CRM was just for big corporations with huge sales teams, but the truth is that you don’t have to be big to benefit from CRM.

Run by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Salesforce, ‘The How To Academy’ are interactive masterclasses specifically aimed at small businesses. These free sessions will arm you with actionable steps that you can take within your business to improve processes, plans and outcomes. Our experts will walk you through the core principals of the session topic as well as answering attendee questions.