Safaraz Ali

Pathway Group

Safaraz Ali (Saf) is a social investor and entrepreneur. He is originally from the financial services sector and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pathway Group.

Pathway Group is an independent apprenticeship training business and are widely known for its diversity and outreach work and deliver Skills Support for long term unemployed looking to get them into sustainable employment.

In addition to his work with the Skills Sector, Safaraz is a co-founder of a home care business working with NHS Trusts and Social services and presently employ over 600 people.

He is bestselling author of ‘Canny Bites’ and has written two books in the series: 52 bites of business wisdom for leaders and entrepreneurs.

He is also a judge for the UK Government’s National Apprenticeship Awards and is the Founder of ThinkFest Events the people behind the Asian Apprenticeship Awards and the prestigious Business Book Awards.