Rachael Flanagan

Mrs. Buckét

Rachael’s drive for success has taken her on an award-winning path to create and run a multi-million-pound business throughout south Wales and the south West of England.

With her go-getter attitude and passionate approach, she is truly an inspiration to everyone that works with her.

Rachael started Mrs. Buckét Commercial Cleaning services with just £20 worth of black and white ?yers at just 18. 14 years on, her business employs over 250 people and continues to grow.

Rachael received recognition in the form of several invitations to Downing Street, meeting the former prime minister twice. She was also invited to the NATO summit and a celebration of inspiring women with Hilary Clinton.

Rachael’s vibrant personality is infectious and is a real asset in her business. She is a true leader.

Rachael has put in place an impressive management team who run the day to day business, enabling her to work ‘on the business, not in it’ as well as mentoring other entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them take their business to another level.