We ran a free event in partnership with TikTok in order to help entrepreneurs kickstart their TikTok business journey with the help of the experts themselves. These interactive sessions explored creative best practices, the common issues and solutions from client services experts, and all of the strategies that you can use for success!
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In the session they’ll review the sharp incline in inflation rates and how that is impacting business operating costs; with focus on the increase price of materials, and how this could affect you in the event of an unexpected claim. They’ll summarise with what you can do to find out if this affects you and how you can mitigate that risk to safeguard your business from a loss.
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According to UBS’s new ‘Entrepreneur Compass’ report covering entrepreneur challenges for the decade ahead, hiring and integrating a more diverse workforce is just the beginning of the challenge but getting diversity, equity and inclusion right in a workplace is good for the bottom line.
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This webinar will explore why you might think about employee ownership as you hear from a real life business who converted in February 2022.
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In this informative and interactive session Guy Wilmot of Russell-Cooke will look into how to protect and exploit one of your most valuable assets including: what is your intellectual property, protecting your ideas and concepts and treating confidential information as an intellectual property asset.
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Building a Resilient Business

It’s easy to start a business but more challenging to keep one going. It’s even harder to grow a strong resilient business. The importance of resilience for our mental wellbeing is well documented and it’s equally important for a business to be able to withstand unexpected knocks and swerves on the road to success.

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