I’m Evan the CEO of Ocyan, the cloud platform for enterprise blockchain applications. With a background as a technologist, a tech-lead and tech-advisor and with a team of  a fantastic background in the FinTech, logistics, Cloud and Blockchain industry we bring a platform that allows enterprise-ready applications to scale up in the decentralised space (DLT & Blockchain) at the click of a button.

Every enterprise is a technology company nowadays, so the differentiating factor should be agility, time to market and fluidity.  All of these factors require companies to quickly transform R&D projects into production ready software, and that is where Ocyan makes a difference. An enterprise-grade system requires different operations in managing and deploying compare to a PoC. Experimentation and workarounds give away their place to security, integrity, integration, interoperability, operability, and availability.

Ocyan understands that this market is experiencing a critical tactical pain-point, which needs to be resolved in an innovative way. Our approach merges production-ready enterprise integration patterns with the infrastructure demands of technologies such as blockchain & DLT. Through this standardisation of operations and integrations we save time and cost in a cloud & protocol agnostic way for agile technical and product teams. In this document we explain the concept of our offerings and the high-level details of the use cases that  the platform has been tailored to support so far.


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