Why summer schools are vital to growth and development

Five Woods Summer School, based at Storthes Hall Park, West Yorkshire discuss why summer schools are so advantageous to students in both personal and professional life.


To some students, attending a summer school may seem like a chore – however, many people do not realise how advantageous summer schools can be. Summer Schools aren’t just about advancing your skillset over the summer period (although you do learn a great deal), they are about making new friends, improving your wellbeing and having a little escape from everyday life.

Academically, attending a summer school can develop a student’s skills and confidence in both the summer school subject and other subjects that they may return to. It is important to note that many summer schools provide resources and teaching around a subject that may not usually be offered – usually setting them aside from others competing for the same role or business opportunity.

Summer schools can also improve a student’s job prospects and enhance personal statements when applying for jobs and opportunities. Learning in smaller groups at a summer school also means that students have more of a chance to make use of dynamic study spaces and facilities, unlike in a larger school where teaching may be less personal.


Students can also improve their personal social skills over the summer. Although some students may attend summer schools with current friends, it is also a great opportunity for them to meet and socialise with different people from all walks of life – strengthening their confidence and interactive skills.

Summer schools provide a range of activities and excursions to keep students busy and active throughout their time away.

Partaking in a range of activities whilst at a summer school may mean that the student is able to experience an activity or sport they have not tried before, increasing the chance of finding an activity they are interested in and potentially providing them with a hobby for life. This is a chance for students to discover activities they enjoy while they are young which is something they may not get to discover while at school in academic term time.

Summer schools can provide many benefits to students and give them a chance to have a fun and productive summer. Five Woods Summer School is a bespoke leadership, management and entrepreneurship programme which invites 14-16-year olds to their Storthes Hall site in West Yorkshire to partake in workshops, activities and excursions. Students can understand their personal leadership style, learn how to plan for the future and tackle low self-esteem whilst spending a week at Five Woods. More information can be found at www.stortheshall.co.uk/summer-school.