Why is it important for us to develop leadership skills in young people?

Five Woods Summer School, an entrepreneurial summer school for 14-16-year olds, explain why developing leadership skills in young people is so important.

Young people will be the next generation of our leaders, which means it is important for us to develop their skillsets. Improving attributes of leadership such as resilience, courage, confidence and enthusiasm means that we are working towards a better future.

Resilience is one of the most important leadership skills that young people need as the world is constantly changing and people are frequently faced with difficulties. If the next generation of leaders cannot handle difficult situations and deal with them appropriately and calmly then the future of these young people is put at risk. It is highly important for resilience to be developed at a young age so that it is possible to deal with challenging and crucial situations in both personal and professional life.

Enthusiasm should be applauded in young people; not being afraid to be enthusiastic, whatever the situation. Enthusiasm is an important leadership skill as it can lead to higher levels of happiness, positivity and general motivation in life. Being around an enthusiastic person means that an environment is much nicer to work in and be around, leading to a more productive and successful outcome.

It is highly important for young people to have the courage to take risks and feel brave in any situation. The level of skill in someone depicts their actions, therefore developing the skill to be courageous leads to the encouragement of young people being able to take opportunities at first glance and not shy away from daunting situations.

Working to develop leadership skills also means that it is possible to increase confidence and social interaction in young people. Feeling confident is a key part of having the courage to take chances. Making connections and interacting with others helps to encourage people to be confident enough to network and to form important connections. Furthermore, if confidence is developed, other leadership skills will usually be attained more naturally.

Five Woods Summer School works to build the leadership skills of 14-16-year olds through workshops, activities and excursions. Young people will have the chance to develop their entrepreneurial mind-set at the summer school based in Storthes Hall Park, Huddersfield. Five Woods is running from 5th – 19th August with limited spaces available. Find out more at www.stortheshall.co.uk/summer-school.