What I Have Learnt So Far – By Henry Patterson

Last year’s ‘Rising Star’ Henry Patterson founder of Not Before Tea, gives us an insight into some of the lessons he has learnt since becoming an entrepreneur, aged just 10!

1) You don’t have to wear a suit to be an entrepreneur.

2) Never sit on a spinning chair when pitching.

3) Never let your mother handle the photos that are sent to the media.

4) Be aware of all steps in the studio before going on live TV.

5) Having a mouse in your pocket is a great ice breaker.

6) Try to arrange to have a milkshake after long meetings. The thought of having one keeps you going.

7) Try not to have meetings in areas where there is lots of traffic on the roads. It just takes ages to get there.

8) Never use an ink pen when you are doing a book signing. Also do not offer to write a message..you will be writing all day!

9) Try not to sit at the back at conferences or you will not see well or be able to catch prizes if they throw them in to the audience.

10) If your meeting is far away, make a trip of it and visit a museum the next day.

11) Do not wear new shoes to meetings in London.

12) Wear trainers or flip flops to trade shows.