“We provide deep DNA analysis. Labs have been shut & people are now asking about their DNA & COVID”

I’ve been talking to a number of entrepreneurs recently about how they have pivoted or adopted a ‘plan b’ during these challenging times.

This is my chat with Francios Pallier , founder of CircaGene.

They provide personal DNA tests to get to know your risks and plan your future, with total privacy.

Francios says that “most genetic testing companies analyze less than 1% of your DNA, providing incomplete information about your genetic makeup. We sequence 99.9% of your DNA.”

During the pandemic, they launched the COVID -19 Genetic Predisposition Test. 

Users can find out whether their DNA is linked to a predicted susceptibility to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. 

At the Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community we have launched a new category to recognise brilliant entrepreneurs like Francios who have adapted during this crisis. If you know an entrepreneur who has pivoted, send them here.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards & community is proud to be supported by Funding Options on this initiative.