GBEA finalist Toppa secures backing from David Lloyd


GBEA finalists John Loveday and Paul Hood, along with their executive team of entrepreneurs, are currently on ‘Toppa’ the world after securing leisure tycoon David Lloyd as a business partner and major investor.

Currently raising investment on Seedrs, Toppa is a new online platform which enables users to learn business, leadership and management skills from proven entrepreneurs.

David Lloyd made his millions selling his chain of leisure clubs. He said: “I am very excited to be involved with Toppa because when I started I had to do it all myself, which looking back on it was not the right way. To have a plugin with people who have really been there and done it, means the advice you’re getting is from the very top, the savings, not just in money but time are enormous.”

Founded by two former soldiers, the Brummie duo now has ambitious plans, with John Loveday stating “I expect to see Toppa become the fastest growing and most successful training company in the UK within two years of launch.”

The new venture has already secured 11 heavyweight entrepreneurs on its executive board, over £1m pounds worth of pre-orders and a list of 2.4 million potential subscribers waiting to get stuck in.

The Toppa team are now looking for subject matter experts from all sectors to be part of their journey and also look to conquer the crowd by raising £150,000 on the crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

“Our aim is to reach 200,000 subscribers within 2 years of launching, generating us in excess of £1.4 million net profit per month. We are now looking for Toppa Instructors that want to share their skills and knowledge via video tutorials and support us in our mission to give everyone the skills they need to succeed in life and business.” said co-founder Paul Hood.

Toppa will give individuals and corporates unlimited access to hundreds of exclusive video-based courses, enabling users to learn a plethora of new skills. Toppa also aims to fund the university fees for 50 students by 2020.

Loveday added: “In today’s fast-paced and always connected world, finding the time to learn new skills or keep your skills topped up can be impossible. As passionate learners ourselves, we felt the world needed a solution to this problem, so we developed Toppa. For just £9.99 per month, Toppa makes professional learning fun by giving individuals unlimited access to hundreds of hours of bite-sized interactive business courses, mentoring and training from proven experts in their field.”

The importance of professional development is echoed by David Lloyd. He said: “In my time within the leisure industry, quality of staff was always paramount to the brand’s success, and it is vital that my staff were well trained but also develop as intrapreneurs. To be able to do that online at a very reasonable price is fantastic news to me. I am really pleased to be involved with such an exciting and revolutionary business.”

John and the team are raising investment via Crowdfunding platform Seedrs. They aim to raise between £150,000 and £250,000 and they want to share the future successes of Toppa with everyone. Individuals can invest as little as £10.00 up to any amount they wish and receive shares in Toppa. You can visit the crowdfunding site here.

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