The top 5 free apps that every entrepreneur needs

Five Woods Summer School at Storthes Hall Park list the top 5 free apps that every entrepreneur should have on their phone to keep them productive and motivated

Thanks to smartphones, you can have access of thousands of free applications at the tip of your fingers. Finding the best apps can be difficult when there are so many similar, competing apps so Five Woods Summer School have listed the top 5 free apps that can be useful to every entrepreneur.

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an app that allows the user to create to-do lists, categorise tasks, set reminders share these lists with friends and co-workers. The app aims to make it easier for people to get tasks completed, no matter how big or small they are. Wunderlist can be a highly useful app to entrepreneurs as it is less likely that users will forget to carry out tasks and helps to organise and prioritise lists when there is a lot to do. Additionally, allowing users to share their lists online and having the ability to print them means that a business can implement an organised and effective system allowing there to be less chance of any communication issues.

  1. Camcard

Camcard is a free app that makes it easier to network and build relationships with people from business and networking events. Anyone that has attended a business or networking event knows that it is possible to get bombarded with business cards that end up being lost or forgotten. Camcard allows users to take photos of business cards they receive and stores all the information from that business card on the user’s phone, in contacts and emails. Preferences for where information is saved can be edited. Camcard is a great way to ensure contacts and information is not lost and makes it easy to search for relevant contacts in future.

  1. Expensify

Expensify is an app that allows users to take photographs of their receipts, organise travel plans and manage a company’s expenses all in one app. Trip costs of employees can be easily viewed by admin and managers making it easier to reimburse costs and see total expenses instead of having to work out and add individual costs. This makes finance management much easier and allows employees to simply take a photograph on their phone of receipts to log their expenses.

  1. LinkedIn

A popular social networking platform for business, LinkedIn is a great app to have on your phone so that it is possible to contact and connect with people wherever you are and not just in the office. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people professionally, get endorsed for your skills from previous colleagues and employers as well as being able to post statuses and receive mail. Using LinkedIn on the go means that you are always able to stay up to date with your business partners and keep relationships with connections ongoing.

  1. Daily Quote

An app that can give you a boost of inspiration and motivation everyday- Daily Quote allows users to add their own quotes, browse quotes from their collection and set reminders to view quotes. Viewing quotes daily is a great way to help a lack of motivation or confidence, everyone has bad days and a daily quote popping up on the user’s phone can make a difference to their productivity levels and happiness. Daily quote has over 18k reviews all 4* and above.

Getting started on a business whether early on or late in life can be very hard and time-consuming but made much easier if skills are developed from an early age. Five Woods Summer School is an entrepreneurial programme based in West Yorkshire for 14-16-year olds which aims to develop attendee’s leadership and management skills. Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age can be highly valuable. Find out more at www.stortheshall.co.uk/summer-school.