The Best of British: Top 30 Street Food Venues

Stroll down your local high street and chances are you’ll find pop-up food venues selling all manner of flavoursome food and drink.

From exotic delicacies, to local produce, craft ale and rich liquors, street food tantalises the taste buds and broadens our culinary horizons when we least expect it; and that’s the fun part – you just don’t know what you’ll discover next.

Throw music and creative décors into the mix, and the atmosphere is perfect for good times with friends; cue greasy-fingered selfies that light up social media.

Foodie-minded entrepreneurs are also savouring success: street food culture took a foothold as a less expensive way to serve exciting cuisine in the wake of the financial crisis. A decade later, this stripped down, funked up mode of eating has created new markets and disrupted an entire industry.

Napkins at the ready, below are thirty venues that are really worth getting excited about, as chosen by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

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