Steven Bartlett’s The Diary Of A CEO podcast hits 10 million monthly downloads

Steven Bartlett’s The Diary Of A CEO podcast exceeds 10 million downloads in a single month for the first time!

As of last month, the podcast was downloaded 10.4 million times across the likes of Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google as well as YouTube.

The podcast also has distribution deals with huge businesses like British Airways, Qatar Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air Canada, and Iberia.

Releasing the data for the first time, the team behind the popular podcast also revealed its top three episodes this year have all exceeded 3 million downloads.

A total of eight episodes are released each month, with 60% of its audience based in the UK and 15% in the US.

The team also revealed that the audience is almost equally gender balanced, according to data from Spotify. The stats from Spotify also show that 74% of the audience is between 18 and 34 years old.

According to Chartable’s 2022 rankings, The Diary Of A CEO is the most downloaded podcast in Great Britain on all audio platforms and has occupied the top spot for more weeks than any other show this year – which is a huge achievement for Steven and his team. 

The Chartable figures also show the podcast is adding around 50,000 subscribers a month on YouTube.

Guests on the podcast so far in 2022 have included the likes of Gary Neville, James Bay, Karren Brady, Ferne Cotton, Bear Grylls, and so many more.

Speaking to BusinessLive about his podcast, Steven said: “When I started the podcast I expected to uncover how unique we are and how we’re defined by our differences.

“Ultimately what I’ve discovered is the exact opposite – at the most fundamental level – we’re all unbelievably similar – we have the same fears, anxieties, needs and North Star.

“I never anticipated how much this podcast would expand my network – so many of my business connections and relationships started on The Diary Of A CEO.

“More importantly I never anticipated how much it would expand my knowledge – it’s taught me more in 18 months, than school, reading books or watching documentaries taught me in the last 29 years.”

On the future of the podcast, he added: “We’re going to continue to expand our audience globally – and continue to offer the world’s most interesting minds, talents, artists, entrepreneurs an honest and safe platform to share their ideas, experiences and truth.

“We’re working hard to bring The Diary Of A CEO to new platforms in new ways, our partnership with HMPS that saw DOAC streaming in prisons to young offenders and our exclusive airline partnership are a sign of things to come.

“I realise that consistency is the hardest challenge people face in our industry, so I’m preparing my team for a multi-decade journey. We’re still in the starting blocks – we believe we’re still in gear one.”

Mr Bartlett saw huge success with his live shows earlier this year, selling out venues in London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Dublin and Birmingham.

He’s promised a “mega” show at the Royal Albert Hall in London “soon” before taking the show to other countries.

Asked whether he wants to branch out into other podcasts, whether as a host or by funding them, he hinted that there will be news on that soon.Not listened yet? Find out more about The Diary of a CEO here, and subscribe to his podcast here.