Should business owners boost their asset protection?

In recent years uncertainty has been a commonly felt feeling around the world, with the effects of covid, Brexit and rises in the cost of living – and this is having particularly heavy effects on entrepreneurs, and their businesses. 

In such an environment, where volatile, external factors may seem out of control, business owners may naturally focus their efforts on directing what they can control—their operating companies.

The particular factors driving business owners’ concerns include the war in Ukraine, inflation, the ongoing lockdowns in China, supply chain disruptions, and uncertainty around the pace of interest rate hikes.

One measure of global economic policy uncertainty suggests the number of unknowns entrepreneurs face today far exceeds the 25-year median, with the outlook almost as uncertain as at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But in their efforts to pivot their operating business, cut costs, or secure new sources of supply, there is a risk that business owners overlook the safety of their assets—and ways to protect them.

So how can business owners review and recalibrate their asset protection plans for their business, their personal wealth, and their wider family?

The latest report by our partner UBS examines this topic, discussing asset protection for businesses, entrepreneurs, and families.