Reach for the Starlings: 15 Disruptive entrepreneurs to watch in 2022

The past few years have been nothing short of disruptive for businesses. Though the pandemic is now seemingly coming to a close, this hasn’t stopped a trend of disruption in a variety of industries amongst talented entrepreneurs. With some breathing room to reflect on recent developments, we are using this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the innovative and inspirational founders who have built their businesses to disrupt.

Alongside our partners Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards is proud to support entrepreneurs making a difference in the UK. Read on to see our list of the 15 most exciting disruptors of 2022.

Abeed Mohamed, Max Parmentier, Rajiv Tanna, & Gwen Le Calvez – Birdie

Abeed Mohammed, Max Parmentier, Rajiv Tanna and Gwen Le Calvez are a large collection of founders with the same goal in mind, provide an easy and accessible method for care businesses and clients to record their customers and centralise their documentation in one place, with Birdie. Birdie provides a digital service to help monitor and streamline the caring process, providing resources that include a medication manager, digital assessment tools and scheduling for carers to clients, plus much more. Birdie’s brand new take on care is making it easier than ever for businesses and their clients to get and provide quality service.

Michael Bruce & Kenny Bruce – Boomin

Boomin, the “property playground for adults” provides an impressive collection of all things property. Created by Michael and Kenny Bruce, the huge amount of services Boomin provides allows its customers to get ahead in their property hunt. Not only offering a wide selection of useful online tools to find a property to buy or rent, including a 15 minute online home evaluation, Boomin also offers a Pinterest-esque selection of lists and styles to instil inspiration in those on the verge of a home makeover. Allowing users to view the price and search key terms in relation to their design ideas.

David Mitchell & Mark Bainbridge – Dragonfly AI

Dragonfly AI is another tech based disruptor with a unique approach. Founded by David Mitchell and Mark Bainbridge, Dragonfly AI offers a variety of AI based solutions to not only analyse your content before publishing, but ensure it reaches the best audience possible in the most effective way possible. Dragonfly AI provides customers with an AI that goes through the journey of a client, using your website or service and identifying any points which might cause the customer difficulty, a video analytics service which can identify the effectiveness of short and long form video content and much more through the impressive use of technology in a sector otherwise dominated by human input.

Ofri Ben Porat & Nadav Israel – Edgify

Founders Ofri Ben Poray and Nadav Israel have created a world first with Edgify, the first AI platform that runs entirely on Selfcheckouts, Scales and Point of Sale, meaning that for retailers, the process is significantly more streamlined when it comes to their in-store checkouts, which learn through each customer interaction to provide a better service. The innovative solution to self-checkout isn’t having any trouble shaking things up in retail, already receiving a variety of awards for its unique approach to providing for retailers.

Dr Helen O’Neill, Dr Natalie Getreu, Deirdre O’Neill – Hertility Health

Dr Helen O’Neill, Dr Natalie Getreu and Deidre O’Neill were all women looking for answers about their hormonal health and fertility. Unsatisfied with what was available on the current market, these three female founders decided to do it themselves and found Hertility Health. Hertility Health provides an easy-to-use and effective testing service at home that allows women to evaluate their own fertility and levels of hormones, ensuring women are informed about the approaches they need to take towards their health.

Giovanni Luperti & Karolis NarkeviciusHumaans

Humaans, founded by Giovanni Luperti and Karolis Narkevicius, brings an innovative approach to team management. Humaans ditches the spreadsheets by providing an easy to use interface to overlook and manage your staff, in small or large numbers. Humaans allows managers to collect appropriate employee data, including identification, documentation and team membership, monitor things such as timezones and days off and analyse staff statistics as a whole with its customer friendly platform that’s sweeping many businesses off their feet.

Demi Ariyo – Lendoe

Demi Ariyo is well aware of the struggles of being an entrepreneur, while the well documented journeys of many bring well-deserved attention to this issue, Demi realised there was still a group often overlooked when it came to founder support. Creating Lendoe, a finance company dedicated to black, ethnic minority, early stage and women led businesses, Demi aims to address the lack of support prevalent for these groups. The people-positive business prides itself on looking for ways to say yes to clients and invest in the underestimated.

Desriee Asomuyide – Little Omo

Despite attitudes increasingly becoming more modern and accepting, acceptance and representation is an uphill battle, something Desiree Asomuyide, founder of Little Omo, knows better than most. Desiree created Little Omo to tackle the problem of lack of representation for children. Making inclusive toys and providing educational resources, Little Omo allows parents and teachers alike to educate their children on the importance of acceptance. The groundbreaking approach to celebrating marginalised cultures and its variety of educational, eco-friendly products has provided a wave of educators with the tools needed to reflect a modern attitude.

Lucy Hall, Jade McSorley & Jen Charon –  Loanhood

Lucy Hall, Jade McSorley and Jen Charon are the fashion focused founders of Loanhood, a fashion rental app that’s dedicated to changing the very foundations of the industry. Customers can download an easily accessible app and be a renter or a rentee, supporting a sustainable solution to today’s fast fashion culture while still providing a wide selection of clothes. With a feed reminiscent of social media, finding clothes to rent on Loanhood is an easy and enjoyable process that’s turning the fashion industry on its head.

Laura Crawford – Mama Bamboo

The age of the caring consumer is in full swing and now those that care about their children can utilise their conscious consumerism to care about the environment too. Laura Crawford, founder of Mama Bamboo, realised that looking after your child and your planet can be one in the same, creating a collection of eco-friendly sustainable nappies and wipes for babies. From compostable nappy bags to bamboo baby wipes, the sustainable ingredients have the added benefit of being easy on your baby with no toxic chemicals contained in the products.

Francesca Carlesi & Leo Grünstein – Molo Finance

Francesca Carlesi and Leo Grünstein noticed that the world of finance was lagging behind today’s technological standards. Molo Finance was created by Francesca and Leo to kickstart the digital revolution in the financial services sector. Offering customers a new, easy and exciting way to manage their money, Molo Finance is the UK’s first fully digital mortgage lender. The ease of availability and surprisingly streamlined process created by Francesca and Leo has already caused big waves in the industry, making them an easy choice for 2022’s disruptors.

Euan Blair – Multiverse

Experience is a barrier for many when it comes to employment, Multiverse, founded by Euan Blair aims to change that. Multiverse, the values-driven tech startup, aims to provide a feasible alternative to university and corporate training through quality, professional apprenticeships. Through providing direct feedback to its clients and committing to diversity and inclusion, Multiverse designs its programmes entirely around its values and a better experience for its clients.

Amber Probyn & Hazel McShane – Peequal

Next up are two founders that weren’t happy with the unavailability of the bustling bathrooms at the festivals they were working at. Not fond of being caught short, Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane created Peequal, the UK’s first woman urinal. On top of forwarding pee-equality across the UK, the innovative invention from the two is designed with space, efficiency and sustainability in mind, taking up minimal space and being made from repurposed waste from the sea.

Salman Moghimi – Peyk

Salman Moghimi is the founder of Peyk, a truly unique peer-to-peer delivery service that provides a top tier of service not just for the retailer, but for the customer. Facilitating a streamlined delivery service that provides anything from large customised e-commerce orders to smaller individual packages and deliveries, Peyk is taking the delivery industry by storm with its customer-based approach and modern strategy towards its deliveries and staff.

 Shane Harris & Orla HarrisSidequest VR

Shane and Orla Harris wasted no time kickstarting their business, Sidequest VR, founding it only two days after the launch of the Oculus Quest VR headset. Sidequest VR allows users to access content that would otherwise be unavailable to the typical user of the Oculus Quest, offering the ability to tweak settings or install games and other software commonly not accessible to everyday users. With a plethora of games and content, it’s an almost must-have for any user of the exceedingly popular headset.

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