Nomination success stories; It’s time to believe in your favourite entrepreneurs

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards is now in its 10th year, and over the years we have received thousands of entries, from businesses all over the UK. From these entries, ourselves and our judges have hand-selected, stand out entrepreneurs to win, and with that, we have been a part of the journey of many inspiring success stories. As well as all of the amazing entries we have received over the years, we have also had many businesses be nominated, by friends, family, colleagues, and even their loyal customers. Many of these nominations have even gone on to win, which they may not have if they weren’t given the opportunity by the person who nominated them. 

These businesses that have been nominated may not have believed that they were worthy of winning or just needed that push from someone else who believed in them. 

If you know an entrepreneur(s) that you believe could be in with the chance of winning this year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards, you can nominate them here

So, let’s take a look at some of these nominated winners, and their stories. 


2021’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner EvolveYou, previously Tone+Scuplt, was a nominated entrepreneur that went on to win. 

EvolveYou was co-founded in 2019 by personal trainer Krissy Cela and fitness entrepreneur Jack Bullimore, with a dream of creating a global fitness community that would help women build strength and confidence from the inside out.

?Learning from her own experiences, Krissy realised that both the gym and fitness generally can be intimidating for women who are starting out. She made it her goal to change that for the better. By fusing fitness and technology to create a platform that would expertly guide its users on their fitness journey, EvolveYou was born!

?The EvolveYou community has grown quickly in its short time – fuelled by women supporting each other to feel fitter and more confident, because how you feel matters.

Being such a young company at the time of last year’s awards show could have been a reason that they didn’t enter themselves, however, being nominated helped put them into the application process, and they ended up with an amazing win!  


Another huge brand that went on to win after being put forward via nomination, is DR.VEGAN. DR.VEGAN, founded by ??Gordon Lott went on to win Health & Wellbeing Entrepreneur of the Year at last year’s awards show. DR.VEGAN is a plant-based supplement, suitable for, but not just for vegans. 

Their mission is to bring clarity, ethics and the finest natural ingredients to your nutrition and wellness. “You don’t need to be vegan but you do need to make the right choices for your health and the planet. Our customers choose us because they want the best for their health and the planet.”

Since its founding in 2020, DR.VEGAN is now stocked in huge health & beauty retailer, Holland & Barret, and has a bright future ahead.  


Hairburst was another winner at last year’s 2021 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, which have gone on to be a huge success. Founded in 2014 by James Hill, Henry Gwilliam and Matthew Cragg, Hairburst sells vitamins, shampoos and styling products for hair. 

Hairburst has become a household name for many with its huge influencer campaigns, and availability in well known healthy & beauty stores such as Holland &Barret, Boots and Superdrug, and most recently they were acquired by sports brand JD. Last year JD made a number of investment in other clothing retail brands, however, Hairburst was the first beauty brand to join JDs investment list – which is a huge achievement.  

Co-founder James Hill said “With our ability to create amazing products and market through social media, supplemented by JD’s consumer connection, financial power and global scale, we see great potential to build the Hairburst brand and acquire other brands within the sector” 

All of these brands and many more who have been nominated have gone on to win, and grow in succession since – which is what we hope to achieve from our awards programme. We love to see entrepreneurs achieve, and are excited to see even more nominated winners this year. 

Entries for this year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards are open, so enter here, and if you know someone who you believe could win, nominate them here.