MenoHealth, supporting the 13 million women in the UK going through the menopause

Move it or Lose it, Julie Robinson, 2017 Entrepreneur for Good finalist has now launched a new business called MenoHealth, to support the 13 million women in the UK going through the menopause, and empower them with the knowledge and advice they need.

They represent the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, and yet, 1 in 4 women contemplate leaving their job because of their menopausal symptoms. Thanks to the recent surge of TV coverage, radio programmes, magazine articles, hubs and forums, at last the taboos are being tackled.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution but all the research and reports show that there are three things that can take the misery out of menopause: exercising, healthy eating and talking. MenoHealth offers the perfect solution.

They’re now training an army of MenoLeaders to deliver MenoClass, which is the first of its kind to combine talking therapy and exercise to combat menopause-related health problems. Think Slimming World meets Zumba! Each session includes 15 minutes discussion on topics such as busting menopause myths, waist loss, lost libido, confidence crisis and all things meno.

Talking, sharing and supporting each other helps everyone to realise that ‘it’s not just me then!’ This is followed by 45 minutes of exercise, designed especially for people who don’t like exercise, hate the gym or just feel too embarrassed to join other exercise groups. Music gets everyone motivated and each exercise can be done at one of three levels (1, 2, or 3 flames depending how hot you want to get).

There’s no complex choreography, yet the routines ensure you get a full workout for heart health, some impact for boosting bones, mat work for core strength and muscle tone, balance work and stretches to keep aches and pains at bay, followed by a mindful cool down.

Women in Sport’s recent report found that “Menopausal symptoms, low exercise self-efficacy and physical activity knowledge, social stigma and lack of social support are significant barriers to participation.” Just when women need to start exercising more often, almost a third of women drop off from physical activity, yet the desire to be active is high.

They’re now launching MenoClasses in the community and workplace settings to ensure women get the support they deserve to have a healthy and happy menopause. They are also in talks with Women in Sport to partner and launch a nationwide campaign.

Click here if you’re interested in attending a class or becoming a MenoLeader!