#LivingWithALion: Tim Stimpson

The gap between sport and business has been closing for some years. With more and more money being pumped into sporting events with global appeal, it doesn’t take long to find a large community of fans who are critical of the way their beloved sport, and even their own team, is becoming more corporate.

What is less obvious, however, is the positive link between elite athletes and entrepreneurs. While they may be from different worlds, the two are very similar. Both require leadership, passion, determination and the confidence to succeed. Entrepreneurs and elite athletes need to plan their path to success, to assess a problem in front of them and have the flexibility to adapt and beat it.

For a rugby union player, it doesn’t get any bigger than representing the British & Irish Lions. That’s why we teamed up with Great British & Northern Irish Entrepreneur Awards sponsor Redrow to invite local entrepreneurs in the Tamworth area to watch the Lions game at a Redrow show home with former rugby union international full back Tim Stimpson.

You can see the action here…