Judge Interview: Molly Bedingfield

In the latest in a series of interviews with the judges for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, we caught up with Molly Bedingfield, founder of the Global Angels Foundation.

Global Angels is an international charity that empowers disadvantaged children and communities around the world, and was founded through Molly’s passion and experience in the international charity sector.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Do you think we, as a nation, celebrate success enough?

Molly Bedingfield: I think we do celebrate success and do it quite well. We are inspired by people and businesses that are successful and we thrive on having something to work towards. We are beginning to see the world more interested in people and businesses being truly great and inspirational, especially where they use their skills to help transform the lives of those that are disadvantaged. I think the world will benefit the more we celebrate that kind of success.

GBEA: In your opinion, what makes a successful entrepreneur?

MB: Vision, the courage to go for it. Good people skills and the ability to see the big picture, an ability to stand alone and take huge pressure, and most of all they need to love what they are doing. The more aligned they are in their enterprise to their higher purpose and passion, the more likely they will be successful.

GBEA: How important are entrepreneurs to the UK economy?

MB: I think they are essential and I am glad the UK really encourages entrepreneurship. Britain has been renowned for it’s leaders in innovation and it’s pioneers into new frontiers over the centuries, and entrepreneurs are the modern equivalent. Entrepreneurs create new wealth and new jobs. As innovators they are continually creating new ways of doing things that challenge the status quo – and that is good for the economy.

GBEA: Do you think we have enough role models for aspiring entrepreneurs?

MB: We do have some good role models, but I think we need more. It is exciting to see more successful entrepreneurial women getting profile, especially as around the world so many women are entrepreneurs.

GBEA: What made you want to be involved with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards?

MB: I thought it was a privilege to be invited and I especially want to encourage entrepreneurs that have giving back as part of their ethos.