Judge Interview: Lara Morgan

In the latest Great British Entrepreneur Awards interview series with the judges, straight talking, no-nonsense entrepreneur Lara Morgan tells us what she thinks makes a successful entrepreneur and why she decided to get involved in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Lara is extremely dedicated to seeing accelerated growth within Great British enterprise, she knows better than most what it takes to make a success of running your own business; over ten years, Lara built her own international business, Pacific Direct, before selling a majority share 99% holding of the company for £20 million in 2008. This experience drove Lara to where she is today, with an ambitious plan to support entrepreneurs who want to maximize success.

Now, her current business Company Shortcut is based on simple business principles that help companies in the accelerated growth stage. It is based on providing practical solutions to issues that restrict ambitious companies.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Lara, do you think we celebrate success enough in the UK?

Lara Morgan: We are most definitely getting better at celebrating success but actually as a whole we are generally too reserved about our ambitions to be big players on the international stage. My biggest frustration is the lack of really great sales people proud of their success and proud of driving the growth engines of their companies with humility.

GBEA: What do you think makes a successful entrepreneur?

LM: Hard work, an endless desire to be better finding reasons to improve services every day, living with a paranoia that someone else is catching up, and a deep level of humility as along the way people will help make the difference through challenges.

GBEA: How important are entrepreneurs to the UK economy?

LM: Massively – immeasurably – but I think we must pay much greater attention and give much more educational support during education and then after start-up when a company can go through the growth acceleration stage – that is when we should help with leadership and training for education in companies. NOT chucking money endlessly at start-ups’ let these people make their way and prove they are worth backing. If they have what it takes – they will get into the growth phase.

GBEA: Do you think we have enough role models for aspiring entrepreneurs?

LM: We need more women whom are willing to share the stories of their success…they are out there. I think the country is full of successful entrepreneurs whom are giving back – not all want a celebrity status and yet many are doing a great deal of good. Local successful business people will often give generously their time and stories – they just need to be asked.

GBEA: What made you want to be involved with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards?

LM: I wish to advertise the brilliance of a company I am building Companyshortcuts which will build selling with confidence and professionalism in Britain.

Awards make a difference to companies in many ways, even if you don’t always win. The process of entering can teach a company where they are perhaps falling short and undoubtedly the publicity and networking opportunities are worth the effort. I also remember the overwhelming benefits of winning awards during when I ran Pacific as any company award happens with a team effort and we should work hard to show off the brilliance of the teams that entrepreneurs cleverly gather around them to build growth success. We never do it alone.