Judge Interview: Adam Blaskey

In the latest Great British Entrepreneur Awards interviews we caught up with Adam Blaskey, who runs London’s Clubhouse.

A former investment banker turned property developer, Adam had been developing high-end residential property in prime central London for the past 10 years before turning to running the Clubhouse.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Do you think we, as a nation celebrate success enough?

Adam Blaskey: I think we are getting better at celebrating success as a nation and being proud of our achievements. Perhaps following the Jubilee, Royal Wedding and Olympics celebrations, we think bigger and we have seen the positive effects such celebrations can have on people. By celebrating business success in the same way, we can not only celebrate fantastic achievements but hopefully inspire others.

GBEA: What makes a successful entrepreneur?

AB: For an entrepreneur to be successful, I believe they must have a strong and clear vision of what they want to achieve, and ultimately this can only be achieved by challenging the status-quo, being tenacious and not letting anything get in their way.

GBEA: How important are entrepreneurs to the UK economy?

AB: Entrepreneurs are vital to the UK economy. Creative, new businesses challenge incumbents and change the competitive landscape of an industry, whilst at the same time creating jobs which providing new employment opportunities.

GBEA:Do you think we have enough role models for aspiring entrepreneurs (other than the ‘celebrity entrepreneurs’)?

AB: Yes, but we have to be careful! I believe some TV shows can have more detrimental effects on entrepreneurship.

GBEA: What made you want to be involved with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards?

AB: As an entrepreneur, I love learning about the success of other entrepreneurs and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards are a great way of celebrating entrepreneurial success which also bring deserved recognition to those people who once had a vision and have achieved what they set out to do.