InPower sets the bar with #EntrepreneurialSpirit in June!

Daryl Chambers, founder and CEO of InPower Academy CIC, is June’s winner of the #EntrepreneurialSpirit competition, getting his hands of a bottle of Didsbury Gin.

This little competition sees us recognise the true entrepreneurial spirit of a member of the GBEA community every month.

InPower Academy CIC champions young people and helps them to overcome mental barriers to change their outlook on success, which is pretty fantastic anyway!

But this month was particularly successful for Daryl. Their recent post-programme evaluations showed incredible improvement, with 85% of the young people they’ve worked with showing a 50% decrease in behavioural incidents at school.

Daryl says its wonderful news to see such an improvement, and it “shows that the young people are continuing the cycle of personal empowerment”.

Francesca, our founder, said: “Our young people are the future, so it’s incredibly vital that we work with them to understand and help them through the difficulties they’re facing to improve their outlook and prospects for later life.

“What Daryl and his team do is amazing, and to see such a drop in behavioural problems at school is a testament to them, the programme and of course, the hard work of the young people.”