Influential entrepreneurs you need to follow on social media

Five Woods Summer School list the top influential entrepreneurs you should follow on social media.

There are not many other better ways to become inspired as a start-up entrepreneur than to take advice from those who have been highly successful in their entrepreneurial journey. Many influential entrepreneurs started with very little and worked hard for their success. Entrepreneurs will usually give away advice and tips on how they reached their success and their voice is heard especially through social media. Below is a list of influential entrepreneurs that can motivate and inspire you:

  1. Steven Bartlett (Twitter @SteveBartlettSC)

Steven Bartlett is a successful 25-year-old who co-founded the well-known company Social Chain. Steven dropped out of university at 20 years old and started Social Chain as a global social media marketing agency. Steven regularly tweets inspiring advice, podcasts and Social Chain news and updates.

  1. Sir Richard Branson (Twitter @richardbranson)

Sir Richard Branson may be one of the most popular entrepreneurs on the planet, and with 12.6 million twitter followers, a great entrepreneur to follow on social media. Richard posts about his business updates such as the progress of the Virgin Galactic commercial spaceline and introducing us to up and coming entrepreneurs as well as his own articles and interviews.

  1. J K Rowling (Twitter @jk_rowling)

J K Rowling is well known for writing the Harry Potter books and has over 14 million twitter followers. J K Rowling has an inspiring story because of the hardship she experienced in her earlier years of life in which she felt she had nothing to lose which led her to putting all her energy in to writing. J K Rowling is now one of the world’s most popular authors – she tweets regular replies to fans asking questions about her success and shares articles as well as her opinion on important topics.

  1. Jamal Edwards (@jamaledwards)

Jamal Edwards is known for his company, SB.TV, which began when Jamal started uploading videos of him and his friends rapping to YouTube. His YouTube hits grew and he started producing street shot, urban music videos of new and upcoming rappers and musicians on his channel. Jamal Edwards is a great entrepreneur to follow on social media as he talks about important issues and his success.

  1. Anita Campbell (Twitter @smallbiztrends)

Anita Campbell is the executive editor of website Small Business Trends who has been recognised by Forbes and The New York Times. Anita regularly tweets out advice and articles to start up entrepreneurs and small business owners. Anita also talks about the skills that good leaders should have.

  1. Tony Robbins (Twitter @tonyrobbins)

Tony Robbins is a great entrepreneur to follow on social media for inspiration; he is a life coach, an author of self-help books and a speaker at seminars for the one goal; to motivate and inspire people to change their life. Tony tweets quotes, articles and announces upcoming seminars. He writes articles on his website www.tonyrobbins.com and notifies followers on twitter when a new article has been published.

There are many different accounts you can follow on social media to motivate and inspire you as an entrepreneur; both well-known and start-ups. Reading and learning from different people will continuously develop knowledge and aid growth.

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