Independent Retailer Month: The British Craft House

To celebrate Independent Retailer Month, with the help of our partners SumUp we’re spending July highlighting some incredible independent retail entrepreneurs.

SumUp helps small businesses to get paid, whether they’re starting up or leveling up, supporting entrepreneurs to make their business ‘oOOooficial’.

Business name: The British Craft House
Founded by: Susan Bonnar
Launched in: November 2019
You can find them: Online at thebritishcrafthouse.co.uk

The British Craft House is a multi-vendor platform for handmade items made in Great Britain. It is application based to ensure the highest quality designs. Each shop gets its own web address making it a viable alternative to getting online without setting up your own website.

When did you switch the business from a hobby or side hustle into an oOOoofficial business?

I didn’t really switch from being a side hustle but it did evolve from my previous business British Crafters which was running social media promotion to creatives websites and other platforms. This allowed me to build up a really engaged social media following that was a fabulous asset when launching the website.

What are your hopes for the business post-Covid?

We have been really lucky being online that we have thrived during Covid, so my hope would be that we will continue to grow as High Street retail gets back to normal.

What’s the best thing about being an independent retailer?

I love being able to find the most amazing creatives in Great Britain and have them all in one place. Being able to help them to grow as sellers and thrive online is wonderful. 

Being a small business, how have you benefitted from digital transformation?

I am actively promoting the website on all social media outlets and we run our support hub online. We are able to run workshops and network as a community which is really helpful, especially when you are working alone as an independent.