Independent Retailer Month: That Refill Place

To celebrate Independent Retailer Month, with the help of our partners SumUp we’re spending July highlighting some incredible independent retail entrepreneurs.

SumUp helps small businesses to get paid, whether they’re starting up or leveling up, supporting entrepreneurs to make their business ‘oOOooficial’.

Business name: The Refill Place
Founded by: Ashley Harbour & Richard Fine
Launched in: August 2020
You can find them: Online at thatrefillplace.co.uk and Pedddle (bricks & mortar store coming to Cheshire in August!)

That Refill Place is an online eco-friendly, organic retailer of groceries, household cleaning products, and health and beauty products. It mission is to help people make easy plastic-free swaps in their everyday lives and live a more eco-friendly life.

When did you switch the business from a hobby or side hustle into an oOOoofficial business?

We would love to really expand our business both in product range to make it a one stop organic eco shop and also be able to offer coffee’s and vegan bakes at some stage. The future is super exciting!!

What are your hopes for the business post-Covid?

We are looking at moving our online side of the business into its own warehouse, allowing us to expand our high street shop to create an Independent department-style store with a cafe. 

What’s the best thing about being an independent retailer?

We love the freedom of being able to run our business our way and to have the opportunity to do our bit and help others make changes that are eco-friendly.

Being a small business, how have you benefitted from digital transformation?

We are not the best at tech, but we do our best. Digital business is just how things are now and in some ways, it makes life easier. For example, I can always send out payment links from the SumUp app if a customer doesn’t have their cash card on them.