Independent Retailer Month: Perky Blenders

To celebrate Independent Retailer Month, with the help of our partners SumUp we’re spending July highlighting some incredible independent retail entrepreneurs.

SumUp helps small businesses to get paid, whether they’re starting up or leveling up, supporting entrepreneurs to make their business ‘oOOooficial’.

Business name: Perky Blenders
Founded by: Adam and Victoria Cozens
Launched in: 2015
You can find them: Four locations in London and at perkyblenders.com

Started by husband and wife, Adam and Victoria, Perky Blenders’ mission is to get more people drinking better coffee. It roasts and posts specialty coffee to offices and homes through a letterbox subscription service across the UK – they also have four sites across London.

When did you switch the business from a hobby or side hustle into an oOOoofficial business?

March 2017 was the time we moved on to the business full time after a busy two years building the brand, opening shops, winning awards and having children. We founded the business in October 2015 and have passionately grown the business from the back garden to a national brand. We never saw it as a side hustle, we set it up as part of the community and that has never changed but rather grew with us.

What are your hopes for the business post-Covid?

Covid made our existing online business an obvious and necessary focus, and we saw the rewards with a wider customer base and bigger team to drive it. We hope to expand further with an extension to our capacity and a franchise model for our stores which is underway. We hope to extend our success to new aspiring entrepreneurs that can benefit from our excellent coffee and share our brand further across the UK and beyond.

What’s the best thing about being an independent retailer?

The best thing about being independent is the ability to make decisions fast and react to the needs of our community. We thrive on the love we share and receive and that goes to the heart of our products. We can source fairly and intrepidly, blending our own roasted specialty coffee beans to create blends with inspiring flavours and their own distinct personalities. It helps us build long term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Being independent also gives us full control of our actions and with that comes responsibility – a value we hold close in everything we do.

Being a small business, how have you benefitted from digital transformation?

There are now amazing tools and digital integrations available to small businesses at affordable prices. We operate an intelligent point of sale that gives us access to card payment systems – completely invaluable during and post covid as we became entirely cashless across our stores. Our accounting package is easy to use and integrates with our staff scheduling app and our website seamlessly. Even the software we roast with can work with our stock control and reporting. We live in a digital age and the ability to scale is easier, more adaptable and more affordable than ever before.