Independent Retailer Month: Osime Home

To celebrate Independent Retailer Month, with the help of our partners SumUp we’re spending July highlighting some incredible independent retail entrepreneurs.

SumUp helps small businesses to get paid, whether they’re starting up or leveling up, supporting entrepreneurs to make their business ‘oOOooficial’.

Business name: Osime Home
Founded by: June Ileomoh
Launched in: April 2020
You can find them: Online at www.osimehome.etsy.com and via Pedddle

Osime Home is a vibrant London-based homewares and lifestyle brand that celebrates colourful living, African style. Inspired by the founder’s Nigerian heritage and love for African textiles, Osime Home creates a beautiful collection of high-quality limited-run cushion covers, storage baskets, eco-friendly face masks and gifts designed to instantly inject character, style and joy into everyday living. Each design is made using hand-picked African fabrics sourced from markets in Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and London. Handmade in the UK in small limited runs to help reduce wastage.

Before lockdown, Osime Home merely existed as an idea and sewing for June, was just a hobby. When June and her husband bought their first home together in 2017, she struggled to find home décor that celebrated African design and products that reflected the diverse textiles she knew and grew up with as a child. This motivated her to start designing and making her own homewares that bring joy and colour in your home. Lockdown acted as a catalyst for June to invest more time on working on Osime Home as a business and in April 2020, Osime Home was founded as an online boutique.

When did you switch the business from a hobby or side hustle into an oOOoofficial business?

A few months ago, when I decided to leave my full-time job in corporate communications to follow my dream of running my own business. Working full-time and trying to work on my passion project in the evenings was taking its toll on my wellbeing. More sales were coming in and I was receiving more enquiries, so I knew if I wanted Osime Home to flourish and be more than just a hobby I needed to give it the attention it needed.

What are your hopes for the business post-Covid?

I’m excited that the world is finally reopening, I’m keen to get my products stocked in local independent retailers. I hope that my business continues to grow from strength to strength and I’m able to launch new products that people love and that bring them joy.

What’s the best thing about being an independent retailer?

Having the creative freedom to design products I love from idea, design to finish, and share them with my customers. I really enjoy having the flexibility and having the ability to branch out and create new items. I often incorporate the feedback I get from my customers, which helps me to improve my product offering.

Being a small business, how have you benefitted from digital transformation?

Online marketplaces and communities such as Etsy and Pedddle have really helped increase my brands international reach and visibility. It’s like having a shop front online where people can discover you from the comfort of their homes. Taking payments and managing transactions have been made so much easier now with mobile credit card machines and online account tracking tools.