Independent Retailer Month: Miss Macaroon

To celebrate Independent Retailer Month, with the help of our partners SumUp we’re spending July highlighting some incredible independent retail entrepreneurs.

SumUp helps small businesses to get paid, whether they’re starting up or leveling up, supporting entrepreneurs to make their business ‘oOOooficial’.

Business name: Miss Macaroon
Founded by: Rosie Ginday MBE
Launched in: 2011
You can find them: In-store at Great Western Arcade in Birmingham and online at missmacaroon.co.uk

Miss Macaroon was launched set up in 2011 with just one team member, a small kitchen space, £500 and a whole load of determination. A specialist producer of hand-made, gluten-free macaroons, it is now one of Birmingham’s most well-renowned social-enterprises, reinvesting 100% of its profits into helping unemployed young people gain skills that will help to change their lives.

When did you switch the business from a hobby or side hustle into an oOOoofficial business?

I started out working as a full-time pastry chef while developing the idea for, and setting up, Miss Macaroon. I took the plunge and worked at Miss Macaroon full-time after about a year in business.

What are your hopes for the business post-Covid?

It’s a strange time for the high street and bricks and mortar retail ,but we plan on continuing to increase the number of ‘Macaroons that Make A Difference’ course training placements and follow-on jobs, with part of those being in new retail spaces. We’re working with many more young people with multiple and complex needs and serious mental health needs. We already provide sessions with a psychotherapist and counsellor as part of the MacsMAD programme, and post COVID we plan on testing out innovative and more in-depth ways to support them with improving their mental health.

What’s the best thing about being an independent retailer?

We get to have a personal relationship with our fantastic customers who are so incredibly supportive of the work we do with our young trainees and employees. Whether that’s visiting our stores for guided tastings and drinks pairings or buying online and donating to our counselling sessions for team members, our customers understand the power of their pound.

Being a small business, how have you benefitted from digital transformation?

We’ve benefitted from the move to online shopping during and post-pandemic. We’ve extended our range of social enterprise hampers and range of macaroon subscriptions on our website and seen a huge increase in sales for personalised products like logo printed macaroons.