Happy news: Lucy & Yak release podcast episode with Holly Tucker MBE

It’s easy to start feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the bad news right now which is why, with our partner Printed.com, we’re on a mission to highlight the good; the entrepreneurs & businesses who are doing amazing things, who have achieved so much (before and during the Covid-19 pandemic), who may have turned their skills to good and who deserve to be recognised.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2019 National Winners, Lucy & Yak, are super excited to be on the wonderful Holly Tucker MBE #conversationsofinspiration podcast!?

Holly is the founder of notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, Lucy and Chris chatted with her about their story and it’s unlikely origins (from selling avocados on the side of the road, to selling vintage clothing) to their relationship with Ismail, social responsibility, brand purpose, and values.
Covering topics from the Black Lives Matter movement, to fast fashion and the factories in Leicester that were paying their staff between £2-£3 an hour. As they discuss in this episode, it’s only through businesses acting responsibly, and with a purpose to do good beyond their own product, that society will truly be changed.

Available on iTunes & Spotify.