Happy news: Brewgooder gifts NHS staff packs of beer during coronavirus outbreak

It’s easy to start feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the bad news right now which is why we’re on a mission to highlight the good; the entrepreneurs & businesses who are doing amazing things, who have achieved so much (before and during the Covid-19 pandemic), who may have turned their skills to good and who deserve to be recognised.


Brewgooder work to bring clean water to populations who need it the most, not just to help with the bare essentials of existence, but to empower communities to make radical, transformative steps themselves and lift themselves out of poverty and into a better life. They are achieving this by selling craft beer and investing 100% of their profits in clean water charities.

However, during the current pandemic, their focus has been diverted to the frontline efforts of the NHS. You can now gift a four-pack with a message of support for an NHS employee, to claim at random and receive when they are ready to. Every £6 donation will cover the cost incurred to brew, pack and deliver a four-pack of beer with your message included, to an NHS employee in the UK.