Get your staff Covid-19 tested: Register for free rapid lateral flow tests

The UK government has launched a scheme allowing employers in England to receive free rapid lateral flow tests if their staff cannot work from home.

Rapid tests, or lateral flow tests, are a vital tool in helping to identify cases of Covid-19 and stop the spread of the virus. With up to a third of individuals with the virus showing no symptoms, it poses a heightened risk to workplaces. Rapid lateral flow tests enable the NHS to find cases and prevent the spread of infection, reducing the risk of large numbers of staff having to self-isolate, compromising your business’ operations.

Each positive result from a lateral flow test is one that would not have been found otherwise, helping to break the chain of transmission within the workplace and community, allowing your business to continue working and protecting those at the highest risk.

Any business in England that plans to reopen or bring staff back to the workplace by the end of June can register to order free rapid lateral flow tests, regardless of employee numbers.

You need to register by 31 March.

Only businesses registered in England and businesses whose staff cannot work from home are eligible.

If you want to register, you can do so here:

These links will give you more information on coronavirus testing if your business is registered in ScotlandWales, or Northern Ireland.