The ultimate commitment to supporting entrepreneurship

Over the past few months, we’ve had a number of previous winners and judges ask us how they can show their commitment and passion for the Great British & Northern Irish Entrepreneur Awards.

We rattled our brains and everything we thought of didn’t go far enough. Our community was asking to help them really show just how committed they are to supporting GBEA and entrepreneurs.

Then, something clicked… all of Team GBEA have tattoos! A tattoo would be the ultimate commitment!

Of course, we couldn’t let members of our community go through the pain alone.

So, our founder, Francesca, and ambassador, Wynne, volunteered to take the first plunge.

Some of the team followed on to show their loyalty to GBEA. And here are the results:

Ambassador Wynne Evans said: “I only got my first tattoo in November, a Carmarthen oak tree from home, which is obviously incredibly close to my heart. I promised myself I would only get tattoos that mean something special to me, so it didn’t take much convincing to have the GBEA logo on my arm.”

GBEA founder Francesca James said: “We’ve all got tattoos on Team GBEA so it seemed the natural way to show how committed we are to the cause.”