Freelance body welcomes national survey

IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed has welcomed the launch of a survey to support the independent review of self-employment in the UK, led by Julie Deane OBE.

The review is looking at the challenges and opportunities for those who are self-employed, and hopes to reach as many of the UK’s nearly five million self-employed workers as possible.

Julie Deane OBE, founder and CEO of The Cambridge Satchel Company and three-time Great British Entrepreneur Awards winner, said: “It is so important for me to hear the views of those who, like me, started out on their own. I’m not just talking about the tech startups; this is for everyone from plumbers to accountants to beauticians who work for themselves. It’s very easy to sit at home grumbling about how things could be done better but this is your chance to have your say. I want my review to reflect the views and concerns of those who are in the thick of it; working it out on their own and trying to do something positive for themselves and their families.”

The survey is hosted through the Department for Business, Skills & Innovation and will be open until 8 November 2015. The survey can be found here.

IPSE Chief Executive Chris Bryce said: “If you are self-employed you face some very real and practical challenges to making your business a success. It’s good to see the Government sticking to the promise it made ahead of the election and launching an independent review of self-employment in the UK. From engineers to IT contractors, builders to graphic designers, the 4.5 million people who work for themselves deserve to have their voice heard.

“Working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding, but it is hard work and you can often face challenges employees don’t experience. Therefore it’s great the review will tackle the crucial issues affecting the self-employed, including saving for retirement, maternity pay and securing a mortgage. We hope the survey can also find the scope to address issues surrounding the tax treatment of the self-employed, which can often be an unnecessary burden on this vital sector.

“This survey will go a long way to helping people take the brave step into becoming their own boss. We urge all those thinking about becoming self-employed to get involved and let Julie Dean OBE and Government know how they can help support you on your journey.”