Entrepreneurial Britain Cybersecurity report for small business

The Cybersecurity for SMEs in association with Vodafone report is designed to help Britain’s small business community gain a better understanding of what cybersecurity means, the threats that exist, and what can be done to keep our data, our businesses, and our people safe.

Indeed, cybersecurity has become a familiar concept to all business owners in the digital age. Record-breaking data breaches have populated the headlines over recent years, with some of the world’s most resource-wealthy business names falling victim to data thieves, or being found guilty of malpractice that has led to the exposure or
misuse of private information.

Against such high-profile turmoil, SME owners might think that their company would be of little interest to online criminals; that they are too small, or somehow off the radar. Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to research by Vodafone, 4 in 10 SMEs went through some form of cyberattack over the past 12 months, with 20% or more experiencing six or more attacks. The average cost of a cyberattack stands at £3,230 – more than enough to put many smaller firms out of business.

The research laid out in this report explains how SMEs are particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity events, and to the threat caused by online criminals. The report delves into the most common forms of cybercrime facing SMEs today. It
highlights some of the key pitfalls that smaller firms must navigate as they embrace new trends and technologies, and push for growth in a way that keeps data safe.

The report has been written with the help of leading data protection and cybersecurity experts. Besides bringing invaluable context to the privacy challenges small firms face, our experts explain how SMEs can make small, cost-effective changes to minimise risk, protect organizational data, assets and reputation.

Further insight and guidance is provided by Vodafone, together with unique, affordable products and IT services designed to keep your SME on track for healthy, secure growth.