Creating the perfect crowdfunding campaign

In this free session, Great British Entrepreneur Awards head of content Jonathan Davies will speak with Jes Bailey of Crowdfund360 and Laurence Kemball-Cook of Pavegen to find out how to create the perfect crowdfunding campaign for your business.

Jes and Laurence will explore the world of crowdfunding and its rise over the past decade.

They will identify the main reasons why entrepreneurs and businesses embark on crowdfunding campaigns, what a campaign must have and what it should absolutely avoid.

Laurence will draw on the experience of his own crowdfunding campaign, in which the business raised £2.6M, offering practical advice on what worked well for them and how they might develop a future campaign.

With experience of 70 crowdfunding campaigns over the last 4 years, Jess will highlight trends in crowdfunding in 2021 and how to maximise your campaign.