‘Creating culture’ with On The Tools

Creating a positive company culture is what most entrepreneurs are striving for in 2019. But how do you do it? In the latest update in his vlog series, On The Tools founder Lee Wilcox, outlines the little things he’s implemented to build the business culture.

Lee, who won the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Midlands region in 2017, starts by revealing he starts the week with a company quiz.

“Rather than the weekly meeting being straight into ‘let’s do business’, there’s a five-question quiz that everyone takes part in,” he says. “[There’s] a little prize for the winner and the expense to the business is a couple of quid, but the engagement you get from it [is so much more]. It’s a better way to start the week than straight into anything else.”

Next up on Lee’s list is something he started doing at the end of 2018, and is planning to bring into 2019 as well; a company walk. Although it’s not compulsory, Lee jokes that he did force the whole company to go on the very first one.

“At the end of the weekly meeting, I added on ten minutes and said ‘everyone get their coats! I’ll meet you at the front door.’ The whole purpose of it was not really to spend time with each other. [It was more] to promote the value of stepping away from your computer,” he explains.

And that’s particularly important for creative industries to do, Lee believes: “You’ll sit there for hours in front of the screen, and it doesn’t matter whatever you’re working but particularly in the creative space, you’ll hit a wall. You might not even know, even though you’re hitting it, you’ll sit there and actually, you’ll waste time, you won’t be doing your mental health any good whatsoever.”

The most important thing in creating a positive company culture for Lee, though, is communication. “Everyone has to communicate and spend time with each with,” he says, “because without that you just don’t get it. It would be nearly impossible, in my view, to have a culture…that everyone truly feels comfortable in. When you don’t feel comfortable and you don’t know people, you have no interaction with them.”

You can watch the full video, along with the rest of Lee’s series about running a business, on his YouTube channel.