Business Owners: Three reasons to look beyond big tech

Artificial intelligence must not exacerbate inequality further | Technology  | Al Jazeera

Technology has a key part to play in every business, especially over the last few years, as the effects of COVID, and advancements to technology have changed consumer needs and expectations. Business owners who weren’t using the latest technology before were forced to adjust, and new businesses just entering the market started out with some of the best technology services seen in years – putting them up against some of the leading businesses in the world. 

Due to the increased need for technology, some of the leading tech companies have made big headlines in 2022, with the largest technology companies leading world equity markets lower.

Our partner UBS has investigated the need for small businesses to use some of the tools that big tech provides. They look beyond the potential investment opportunities for investors in small- and mid-cap companies and in what they call the “ABCs of tech.”: artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity. Read here to discover how implementing the three “ABCs of tech” into their business strategy, business owners could cut costs, open up new market opportunities, and provide increasingly personalized offerings for customers.

UBS look further into what these mean, how they could benefit entrepreneurs, and also share what fellow business owners say about practically applying the “ABCs” in their firms, including both their opportunities and challenges.