Are we all just ‘founders’ now?

Closing the gender pay gap, women in business awards, all-female panels, women on board quotas and more. These are just some of the areas that received a great deal of attention and growth within the UK’s entrepreneurship and business communities in recent years.

In 2019, though, should we really be labelling women as “female founders”? Should women be brought onto the board of FTSE100 companies on merit, or to meet targets set by the government?

There are those, both men and women, who believe that singling out women in business for being just that, women in business, is actually counter-productive and only exacerbates the gender issue. Others claim that highlighting women in business and forcing larger organisations to promote women is the only way to give them a platform to showcase their qualities.

Jo Dalton, who has frequently been mistaken for Mr Jo Dalton, asks the question to members of the Great British Entrepreneurs Champions Hall of Fame.