Announcing the Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Workplace Wellbeing Champions 2021

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Workplace Wellbeing Champions, in partnership with Give A Grad A Go, is shifting the much-deserved spotlight to the entrepreneurs who recognise the value in the wellbeing of their workforce.

The initiative celebrates a selection of talented entrepreneurs who haven’t just stopped at worrying about the economy and the environment, but have taken it one step further and made it their mission to maintain the mental and physical health of those around them.

As we become more open as a society to discussing mental health problems, more and more businesses have woken up to the importance and responsibility they hold in supporting their teams’ mental and physical wellbeing.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Workplace Wellbeing Champions provides a platform to recognise and celebrate those that have dedicated themselves, their time and their resources to championing the wellbeing of their customers, community and employees.

Cary Curtis, founder of Give A Grad A Go, said: “Sponsoring the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the first time this year, Give A Grad A Go is extremely proud to be associated with the Workplace Wellbeing Champions of 2021, as well as all of the other fantastic businesses within the network. Placing people in their early careers within businesses that will nurture their talent, is what we’re passionate about. So meeting employers that are developing and investing in their people, taking wellbeing seriously and creating positive working environments, has been inspiring to see.”

Kerry McClinton-King – Sorores Consultancy Ltd

Kerry McClinton-King is one of four talented core female members of Sorores Consultancy, a business development company operating throughout a wide range of different countries. From the get-go, Kerry has used her position to ensure that her fellow all-female team is looked after. Sorores offers a wide range of club memberships to allow positive working environments to be accessible to employees and a high level of autonomy, creating a professional, collaborative and more importantly, positive working environment.

Discussing the importance of maintaining wellbeing for Sorores, Kerry says: “At the heart of all our projects is the core value of wellbeing, this reflects well on the workplace wellbeing of valued staff, providing a great sense of purpose and freedom of expression amongst us. Mental health is at the forefront of Sorores’ work to life balance ratio.”

Huib Van Bockel – TENZING Natural Energy

Huib Van Bockel spends a lot of his time worrying. The founder of TENZING Natural Energy, a plant-based energy drink with sustainability in mind, doesn’t just stop at worrying about the environment but rather has constructed his business from the ground up with a sustainable approach to not only the environment, but also wellbeing. Goals are set for himself and his team that encompass the wellbeing of not just the planet, but the individuals inhabiting it.

Explaining his wellbeing regime, Huib says: “We take wellbeing extremely seriously at TENZING and set both team and individual Mind, Body & Planet commitments each quarter. This varies hugely between person-to-person. We’ve each committed to book clubs, meditation minutes, km’s run, ice baths and so much to ensure each of us not only live a healthy work-life balance, but to ensure wellbeing and our mind is of the highest priority.”

Ineke Nugteren – Nourish Grow Cook Enjoy Ltd

Ineke Nugteren is a woman on a mission; a compassionate yet driven entrepreneur, Ineke has done nothing but grow her organic and sustainable snack business, Nourish Grow Cook Enjoy. Ineke has taken extra steps to ensure workplace flexibility and wellbeing of her staff over the course of the pandemic, not only moving all Nourish workers to remotely clock in from home, but alongside her husband taking over production management to ensure her employees remain safe.

Impressively committed to workplace wellbeing, Ineke says: “Pre-covid we held paid wellness workshops for the staff, and look forward to implementing this in person again. We place the health and wellness of all staff as priority, including flexible hours to accommodate sickness so there is no loss of income and paid breaks for our production team to ensure their wellness is priority.”

Andrew Wilkins – Futr AI Limited

Andrew Wilkins is a passionate entrepreneur who has created a small business with a big idea. Futr AI is focused around breaking down barriers between business and consumer, boasting a wide range of AI technology that translate over 120 languages and enhances the customer experience through chat-bots. With a wide range of options available to employees looking to enhance their skills and support provided by Futr AI alongside health benefits, Futr doesn’t just stop internally when it comes to championing wellbeing. With a significantly reduced rate for charities and even providing some services to them and the public sector for free during the pandemic, Andrew and Futr AI is keen on ensuring wellbeing wherever it goes.

Building a business designed to positively change a variety of aspects of the world around him, Andrew says: “We’re a small business but delivering social value sits at the heart of Futr. Our mission is to democratise access to information and services and our values anchor us to that mission, affecting how we engage with our customers, community and environment, as well as how we work together as a team.”

Stephanie Henson – techtimeout

Stephanie Henson is a health-conscious entrepreneur who has constructed an entire business around ensuring the wellbeing of those around her. Techtimeout is a business dedicated to providing resources and means to establish a healthy relationship with technology, providing workshops and a setlist of practices that can prevent those in a tech bubble from bursting. Stephanie practices what she preaches, ensuring her own employees establish a healthy relationship with the tech they’re using and closely ensures their wellbeing.

With wellbeing at the very heart of Techtimeout, Stephanie says: “One of our company values is to be advocates meaning we practice what we preach and set an example to our customers. All our employees are required to take part in the techtimeout10 challenge when they start. Not only does it improve their health and wellbeing it also allows them to experience the customer journey and have their own story to tell.”

Mark Hughes – Tutorful

Mark Hughes is passionate about his profession, the compassionate entrepreneur started Tutorful to provide an easy at-home medium for quality private lessons covering a wide range of subjects from primary school level to GCSEs and A-levels. Mark and his team ensures those working with them have everything they need. From little things such as simply bringing juice into the office and providing breakfast, to the tough task of providing those that need it during the pandemic with the means to not just simply work, but work effectively. Mark has gone from providing his employees with breakfast to laptops, desks, and even footstools to ensure their physical wellbeing along with a variety of resources to maintain their mental health as well.

Dedicated to providing the resources needed for his staff’s wellbeing, Mark says: “Over the pandemic, we have provided tons of resources to help people manage their mental health.  Training sessions have included stress management training, resilience training, an imposter syndrome workshop, burnout training, and diversity and inclusion training. We also give all our employees access to an  advice and support service, which includes free legal advice and counselling, plus tons more.”

Samantha Read – APM Cleaning & Repair Ltd

Samantha Read, alongside her business APM Cleaning & Repair, has been ensuring a tidy environment for the North of England since 2005. Samantha doesn’t just stop at keeping her clients clean, but is dedicated to ensuring a clean bill of mental and physical health for her employees too. Samantha makes sure to provide a wide range of initiatives and benefits for her employees and customers, ranging from Christmas gifts to dementia-friendly employees and training, Samantha is strongly committed to providing her employees with fair pay and fair consideration of their health.

Listing off some of the astounding benefits her business provides, Samantha says: “Our people at APM are our business and we place high importance on the wellbeing and development of each staff member. We have a realm of training and development programmes, incentives, support initiatives and perks available to all employees of APM, such as an EAP programme, Internal promotion and development, real living wage and mental health in the workplace trained staff.”

Sophie Hainsworth – LoyalFree

Sophie Hainsworth is a stunningly considerate entrepreneur with a business built around providing to the community around her. LoyalFree is an impressive platform that gives its users information on local deals, events and trails. While saving plenty of people a pretty penny, Sophie didn’t stop there, providing a generous amount of paid leave to employees and training for almost any area they want to upskill in, LoyalFree boasts good deals for its users and its workers.

Sophie elaborates on some of the great benefits provided to her team and says: “There are lots of initiatives in place, even as a small company to ensure we are creating a wonderful environment and a flexible workplace for our employees. For example, Training is available to our team in any area they would like to upskill in and we provide flexible working in terms of hours and location with all the equipment needed for this. A central city office which can be used optionally by our team is available if they want a quiet space to work.”


Phil Eckersley – Bridgewater Home Care

Phil Eckersley is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of a variety of individuals. Founder of Bridgewater Home Care, Phil is no stranger to the importance of wellbeing and aims to not just apply that attitude to his clients but to his staff as well. With award-winning training that ensures the care of the client alongside the worker and even measures in place to ensure those employees that don’t possess English as a first language can still thrive in the company and environment they’re working in, Phil has made leaps and bounds when it comes to wellbeing for everyone involved in his business.

Passionate about his approach, Phil says: “Bridgewater Home Care believes passionately that by treating our carers as a trusted family we can empower them to treat our clients with the same warmth and respect. The carers are more likely to actively engage with us if they feel we foster an inclusive culture. All our employees are unique, and inclusion is relevant for everyone at Bridgewater Home Care.“

Steven Timmis – Sempar Accountancy and Tax Limited

Steven Timmis is a brilliant entrepreneur who has founded an even more brilliant business. Sempar Accountancy and Tax provides an approachable avenue towards doing your taxes as a business, utilising a vast array of technology and client support to ensure you can remain focused on growing as a business. Steven challenges the unhealthy reputation of the accounting industry, with a laundry list of issues to tackle such as long hours and stress. Steven decided to challenge that with great success. Providing a plethora of wellness initiatives and resources, including a regular employee survey and private health insurance, it’s no surprise Sempar has made some astonishing achievements already such as helping a diabetic employee lose a total of six stone.

Steven tells of one of many wellness achievements and says: “On a weekly basis, we conduct ‘high five’s’ where each team member is recognised for their efforts, no matter how big or small. As a result of the above, our team is enthusiastic, happy people who are supported and challenged to achieve more than they thought possible. Our team has grown in more than just a number, and we are proud to observe a team of budding entrepreneurs with the freedom to innovate where they see fit.”