A Helping Hand: Navigating the business and legal landscape during and post Covid-19

The Covid-19 emergency has highlighted just how much business owners need to be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. That’s one reason our partners at Starling launched their new Business Toolkit, to help their business customers get back on track. 

But it’s also why they’re proud to be integrated with legal provider Sparqa Legal on their Business Marketplace. They are there to be your legal helping hand, and provide the tools and resources needed to navigate the legal landscape now and as lockdown eases. 

In this free webinar next week with Starling Bank and Sparqa Legal, they’ll be talking about:

  • Why business owners need practical legal tools that don’t cost the earth
  • How Covid-19 has affected the legal and business landscape for business owners
  • How are job retention schemes winding down, and what’s next?

Watch the replay here