15 health & fitness entrepreneurs to watch in 2020

With people becoming more physically and mentally health-conscious and chasing a healthier lifestyle, there is a whole raft of businesses helping them along the way to achieve their goals. Whether they’re apps, clothing ranges, food and drink or equipment, the health and fitness industry is booming in the UK. 

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself on identifying exciting entrepreneurs making waves in the UK. Here are 15 health and fitness entrepreneurs to watch in 2020. 

Hellen Bowey – Alcove

A finalist in 2018, Hellen Bowey is the founder of Alcove, a care-tech company which provides the installation of motion sensors and software to enable elderly and disabled people to live independently. Sensors detect a lack of movement, or abnormal patterns, and raise an alarm to alert the individual, neighbours or family.

Alice LiveingAlice Liveing

Alice Liveing is a health and wellbeing influencer, bestselling author and personal trainer who rose to fame with her series of Clean Eating Alice recipe and fitness books. In recent years, she has teamed up with Primark to release fitness clothing ranges to encourage greater participation in sport and exercise.

Jennifer Irvine – Balance Box

Jennifer Irvine is the founder of Balance Box, a subscription food plan service which delivers all your meal requirements to your door. Designed for weight loss, the boxes are freshly prepared by nutritionists and expert chefs and supply breakfast, lunch, dinners and two snacks to cover all your needs.

Tania Boler & Alexander Asseily ELVIE

Tania Boler and Alexander Asseily are the founders of Elvie, the producer of the world’s first silent and wearable breast pump. Focused on female-first innovation, Elvie also produces the Trainer, a device and accompanying app to help women strengthen their pelvic floor.

Jim Law – Find a Player

Jim Law is the founder of Find a Player, an app designed to take away the pain of finding and playing sport. It allows users to find teams, clubs or other individuals, allows groups to manage their activities, and clubs and organisations to find new players, all while building a sporting network.

Dan Reardon & Sam Decombel – FitnessGenes

Dan Reardon and Sam Decombel are the founders of FitnessGenes, a DNA-testing service designed to provide tailored and unique nutrition and fitness guidance. Analysing genetic information, FitnessGenes helps users to better understand how they will respond to and benefit from certain types of food and exercise.

Dr Kerstyn Comley & Suzi Godson – MeeTwo

Dr Kerstyn Comley and Suzi Godson are the founders of MeeTwo, an alternative, safe social media platform designed to improve the wellbeing of young people in the UK. Fully moderated to eliminate judgement and bullying, it enables teenagers to support each other on their issues and problems.

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, Dr Elena Touroni, Dr Tom Pennybacker & Vasileios Touronis – My Online Therapy

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, Dr Elena Touroni, Dr Tom Pennybacker and Vasileios Touronis are the co-founders of My Online Therapy, an online platform which gives users easy access to psychological therapies through one-to-one video sessions wherever they are in the world, while its online assessment helps assign the right psychologist and most suitable therapies.

Charlotte Roach – Rabble

Charlotte Roach is the founder of Rabble, a sports club with a difference. Inspired by playground games like British Bulldog and capture the flag, Rabble mixes high intensity training with fun and social vibes to encourage people to sprint, sweat and laugh.

Ben Barker & Sam Hill – Run an Empire

Ben Barker and Sam Hill are the founders of Run an Empire, an app-based strategy game powered by runners and walkers. Turning runs into adventures, Run an Empire allows users to conquer new virtual land, lead their people through the ages and compete against local rivals.

Sumi Wang – SunTech UK

Sumi Wang is the founder of SunTech UK, the company behind eFOLDi, a folding, portable mobility scooter she invented alongside her father after he became disabled in 2012. It merges the durability and range of a traditional mobility vehicle with the cool, lightweight appeal of an urban transporter.

Guy Hacking, Tom Stancliffe & Robert Martineau – Tribe

Guy Hacking, Tom Stancliffe and Robert Martineau are the co-founders of Tribe, a brand of 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free energy and recovery products. From protein and energy bars to shakes and hydration drinks, Tribe’s products are tailored to customers’ training and delivered to their door with the subscription service.

Galahad & Asher Clark – Vivobarefoot

Galahad and Asher Clark are the founders of Vivobarefoot, a footwear brand designed to end the ‘shoe-shaped public health scandal’ and ‘reclaim your feet from the shoe industry’. Based on scientific and physiological evidence, Vivobarefoot’s ranges use minimal padding while maintaining comfort to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot.

Will, Jack & Sam Latus and Ben Thoy – Whey Box

Will, Jack and Sam Latus and Ben Thoy are the co-founders of Whey Box, a no nasties, vegan and gluten-free whey protein brand created with three things in mind: convenience, variety and taste. Available as one-offs or subscription, the foursome created Whey Box because they were tired of large tubs and overly aggressive branding.

Dan Williams & Sam Kitching – WIT Fitness

Dan Williams and Sam Kitching are the founders of WIT Fitness, a training and lifestyle brand and multi-brand retailer. WIT offers training consumers the selection they want and the choice they deserve. The WIT Training HUB has been described as the ‘Disney of training’ as well as offering a unique space for product launches, community events and athlete appearances.

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