15 disruptive entrepreneurs to watch in 2020

Disruptors are purpose-driven pioneers of change. This rare breed of entrepreneur is conspicuous for their modest talk and wealth of action; they find the sweet spot in business to bring solutions that make our lives easier, faster and better connected.

Along with our partners Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself on supporting exciting entrepreneurs making waves in the UK.

Here are our 15 disruptive entrepreneurs to watch in 2020.

Alex Chesterman OBE – Cazoo

Alex Chesterman OBE is the founder of Cazoo, the new way to buy used cars. Customers browse and make their purchases online with the vehicle delivered to their door within 72 hours. It also offers a seven day money back guarantee if you don’t love the car, ensuring a risk-free purchase.

Safia Qureshi – CupClub

Safia Qureshi is the founder of CupClub, an end-to-end service that replaces single-use plastic cups with reusable alternatives. CupClub picks up used cups, cleans and returns them to reduce the use of single-use plastics by 47%. It partners with businesses to make drinks-on-the-go more sustainable and work towards eliminating single-use plastic.

Felix Leuschner & Matt Varughese – Drover

Felix Leuschner and Matt Varughese are the founders of Drover, an alternative to leasing, hiring or buying a car. It combines the car, maintenance, breakdown cover and insurance into one, flexible monthly payment. Drover offers the joy of having your perfect car without the down payment, admin and hidden costs that come with it.

Ben Peters, John Redford, Simon Walker, Stan Boland & Steve Allpress – Five AI

Ben Peters, John Redford, Simon Walker, Stan Boland and Steve Allpress are the founders of Five AI, which develops software to power shared, self-driving vehicle services across Europe. Five AI’s software helps cities to function more productively, cleaner and safer.

Laila Dupuy – Kitchin Table

Laila Dupuy is the founder of Kitchin Table, a co-working platform that allows users to host and book workspaces at their homes. Designed for female freelancers and sole traders who are tired of working at home alone, Kitchin Table allows users to search for spaces by date, location, interests and skills without a monthly fee.



Tom Adeyoola – Metail

Tom Adeyoola is the founder of Metail, the creator of the EcoShot plugin, which makes it possible to simulate 3D garments on photographs of real people with ease. It gives designers a quick sense of what their designs will look like on target consumers without the time-consuming work associated with collaging and editing.



Stephanie Alys, Shanshan Xu, Soumyadip Rakshit & Robert Weekly – Mystery Vibe

Stephanie Alys, Shanshan Xu, Soumyadip Raksit and Robert Weekly are the founders of Mystery Vibe, a company that invents pleasure products that combine the best of humanity and technology to elevate your sexual health and wellbeing. It applies the latest advances in technology, materials, science, medicine and psychology to push forward products, thinking, the conversation and the industry.


Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy & Ruhul Amin – Onfido

Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy and Ruhul Amin are the founders of Onfido, an ID verification tool that uses biometric technology to allow users to verify themselves online anywhere, anytime. It also gives organisations twice the power to catch identity fraud and money laundering.

Philip Mundy, Barney Gilbert & Lydia Yarlott – Pando

Philip Mundy, Barney Gilbert and Lydia Yarlott are the founders of Pando, a communication platform for the health and social care industries. It connects healthcare workers so they can share important information quickly and securely, and is used by more than 20,000 healthcare professionals in the UK across various NHS trusts.

Ben Knowles – Pedal Me

Ben Knowles is the founder of Pedal Me, a pedal-powered passenger and cargo service. Currently operating in central London, Pedal Me offers a fun, fast, convenient and clean way of travelling in the city. As well as regular rides including local school runs or commutes to work, it has even transporting wedding guests on several occasions.

Stephen Fitzpatrick – Vertical Aerospace

Stephen Fitzpatrick is the founder of Vertical Aerospace, a tech company revolutionising the way people fly by making it personal, on-demand and carbon-free. Dubbed the ‘Uber of the skies’, Vertical Aerospace’s second aircraft is capable of carrying up to 250kg per flight.

Portman Wills & Peter Briffett – Wagestream

Portman Wills and Peter Briffett are the founders of Wagestream, a financial wellbeing platform that gives staff access to wages as they’re earned, actively encourages saving, reduces workplace stress and boosts employee engagement and performance. Businesses have seen a 16% reduction in attrition and a 22% increase in hours worked.

Chris Sheldrick, Jack Waley-Cohen & Mohan Ganeesalingam – what3words

Chris Sheldrick, Jack Waley-Cohen and Mohan Ganeesalingam are the founders of what3words, a company that uses three randomly assigned words to locate and identify every 3m square in the world. Users have used what3words to find their friend’s tents at festivals and direct emergency services to open spaces.

Stephen Voller – Zap&Go

Stephen Voller is the founder of Zap&Go, a tech company developing the next generation of batteries beyond lithium. It excludes all rare earth materials and anything that can catch fire, including any chemical solvents or organic electrolytes, creating a safer and recyclable energy source.

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